We prepare fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals and snacks specially for nursery schools

Inspiring taste adventures

Our Food Innovation Team create exciting, nutritionally balanced meals, made with the best and freshest ingredients. With wholesome nursery menus packed with variety and flavours from around the world, children are encouraged to be more adventurous with food. This means they’ll be more likely to develop a varied palate, which relishes the taste of healthy foods. 

We believe that food education is just as important as the food itself, which is why we want to inspire children to love nutritious food and to understand where it comes from.

A better world for our children to inherit

We believe that being kind to each other, animals and the planet will make the world a better place for our children to inherit. And when food is fresh, sustainable, and lovingly prepared, it tastes better, too! That’s why we source with kindness from farms that share our vision on animal welfare, sustainability and reducing environmental impact.
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Safe, healthy, happy children

It’s not just tasty and nutritious nursery meals that we deliver, you’ll also get a bucket load of peace of mind!

Food safety is at the heart of everything we do. From preparing meals in our SALSA accredited kitchen, all the way to delivering in our temperature-controlled vans; we follow rigorous safety procedures to keep children safe.
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1,2,3… Let’s simply serve success

Step 1

Our team supports nurseries to create their unique, nutritionally balanced menu from our exciting breakfast, lunch, tea, dessert, and snack options. We’ll also ensure that dietary and allergen requirements are met.

Step 2

Our food fairies deliver the freshly prepared wholesome menu, at a convenient time. They’ll also pack everything away into the nursery’s fridge and cupboards, so the nursery team can focus on the children in their care.

Step 3

Nurseries simply need to pop the chilled (NOT frozen) meals into the oven following easy instructions, and then take children on a taste adventure! Aluminium and plastic food trays can be recycled after use to be kind to our planet.

Delightful reviews

We had clean bowls across the board

"All 6 of our rooms thoroughly enjoyed the meal and children were telling their parents about the “yummy potato and corn” on the way home. We had clean bowls across the board tonight and some very happy parents hearing of how well the food went down!"

Megan, Nursery Manager
He looooves your food!

"My little one is at kinderzimmer and he looooves your food! He is 3 and with more and good exposure he's tried so many new dishes & food again. The food journey is definitely a rollercoaster with a toddler, but with right exposure and no pressure, they will find their way to enjoy new flavours"

Noemi, Parent
I'm convinced he eats better than I do!

"I feel so reassured that Louie has all of his nutritional needs taken care of when he's at nursery. It is great to know that his meals have been so carefully thought out to meet his requirements. I'm convinced he eats better than I do! Even more importantly, he loves the food as evidenced by his daily reports saying he often goes back for seconds!"

Georgia, Parent
Pleased parent

"My daughter enjoys Nursery Kitchen's food at nursery much more than mine at home!"

No left overs!

"We served farmer sue's chicken stew with crispy bread, and the children loved it, there were no leftovers!"

Little Angels, Marcham
cheese wedges

"The cheese wedges have been a great hit at our nursery!"

Rachel Hine, Nursery Director, Leo's Den Nursery
The children LOVED it!

The children LOVED farmer sue's chicken stew! Some of them even had two bowls!! The dish felt very homey, more like a broth, so that's why the children loved it so much.

Room Leader, Goldsmiths Community Preschool

Our daughter has your meals at Highwood nursery in Brockenhurst and raves about the mini jackets with sweet chilli chicken.

The food tastes like it is made with love

Every nursery is unique and, with Nursery Kitchen, every nursery menu is unique. The staff took time to visit us at our setting to help plan the menu and their attention to detail and advice has been amazing.  The food tastes like it is made with love. Nursery Kitchen is much better than our previous food provider. 

Rachel, Jellybeans Childcare
Reflects beautifully on us

Thank you for replying to her (a parent) so quickly and helping her out so much, that’s amazing and I really appreciate it as it reflects really beautifully on us! I’m so glad she can see how wonderful your meals are, the children are very well fed and you have food that easily caters to all needs.

Navneet, Nursery Manager
You're my measure

Your food is truly delicious and stands out especially for the veggie content. You’re my measure when touring nurseries and schools!

Pip, Parent
Frustrated parent congratulates

Our son (18 months old) is a particularly fussy eater, but he is doing very well with your meals! Is there any info you can share on how you prepare your meals so we can try and replicate at home!? I’m reaching out as a frustrated parent and am also congratulating you on your success at varying my sons diet away from porridge and pork pies!!

Mr P, Parent
Enjoyable meals

“Grace always comes home telling us tales of the meals she's enjoyed! They are healthy and nutritious”.

Eva, Parent

“Great food, great service”

Jane Gordon, Nursery Manager, Bright Horizons
Impressed inspector

"We had another food hygiene inspection today! The inspector was very impressed and as always, your paperwork is so easy to use and fill out, it makes everything much more straight forward! He actually said thank you for making this one of the easiest inspections ever and a great start to the week!"

Nav, Nursery Owner
salmon and pineapple thai curry

"It's great that the children can see the fish in pieces."

Jingle Bell House Nursery
Cheesy peasy pasta

“ My little one absolutely loves the meals at nursery. Her all-time favourite is Cheesy Peasy Pasta! “

Ellen, Parent
Cauliflower coconut curry

“ I was wondering if I could perhaps ask for the recipe for the Cauliflower Coconut Curry that is often served? The girls are so fussy but seem to like this one, I’d like to be able to do similar at home! Thank you! “

Twin’s Mum
Vegetarian meals

“ My daughter loves Nursery Kitchen meals, so much so that we have been trying to replicate the meals. As a vegetarian the meals meet her nutritional needs as well as offering her wide variety of flavours. Thank you for the great meals, we look forward to trying new recipes in the future. “

Deenisha, Parent

When nurseries partner with us, we can achieve great things for children together.

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