A classic, italian inspired dish with a Nursery Kitchen twist - loads of hidden veg! We’ve added 6 different vegetables to this recipe, together with lentils, which means it is loaded with goodness! And as this dish needs to be slow cooked, the flavours really pack a punch, too.


- cooking oil
- onion
- mushrooms
- carrot
- beef mince
- red pepper
- sweet potato
- garlic cloves
- red lentils
- passata
- dried mushrooms
- chopped tomatoes
- water
- beef stock cube
- marmite
- rosemary
- oregano
- black pepper

Download the full cheesy bolognese pasta, HERE.

The creamy sauce of leeks, fennel, peas, sweetcorn, spring onion, and dill is simply irresistible. Topped with delicately sliced potatoes and grated mature cheese, which, once baked, goes golden and crunchy. It’s the ultimate comfort food!

What do we love about our swish fish pie?

This dish is perfect for getting more fish into children’s diets! Both salmon & smoked haddock are great sources of protein, which is needed in the diet for growth & muscle repair. Haddock is a white fish, and a good source of iron.

Salmon is an oily fish high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, important for heart health, and a good source of vitamin D.

The cheese that tops this fish pie is a good source of protein and calcium, needed to help build strong bones & teeth.


- butter
- cooking oil
- onion
- leek
- fennel
- fennel seeds
- garlic cloves
- gluten free flour
- whole milk
- fish stock cube
- dill
- double cream
- sweetcorn
- peas
- lemon
- spring onions
- wholegrain mustard

Download the full swish fish pie recipe, HERE.

Silver Nourish Award

This mild curry dish with omega rich fish, provides a good introduction to Thai spices. With the addition of antioxidant rich pineapple, this dish has a natural sweetness and is an excellent source of vitamin C.


- pineapple
- coconut milk
- pak choi
- salmon
- ground cumin
- courgette
- red pepper
-green pepper
- thai green curry paste
- pineapple juice
- green beans
- broccoli
- sugar snap peas
- vegetable stock
- ground coriander

Download the full pineapple and salmon thai curry recipe, HERE.

Gold Nourish Award

Our award winning pea and paneer curry is super, super tasty! It's perfect for vegetarians as it’s meat free but as it contains cheese, it’s not suitable for vegans or children with milk allergies. This is the first time that paneer has featured on our menu, and it really is a superb addition. It is very mild tasting and holds texture and flavour really well. Paneer is also high in protein and is classified as a ‘complete protein’, which means it holds all 9 essential amino acids. This dish is also packed with veg and lentils for vitamins and minerals.


- sunflower oil
- onion
- paneer
- garlic puree
- ginger puree
- mild madras curry powder
- garam masala
- tomato paste
- ground cumin
- chilli powder
- passata
- coconut milk
- water
- red lentils
- vegetable stock
- mixed peppers
- frozen peas
- spinach

Download the full pea and paneer recipe, HERE.