When nurseries partner with us, we achieve great things for children, together.

If your child is attending one of our partner nurseries, you can rest assured that they’ll be eating safe, nutritious, and tasty meals and snacks every day! Our aim is to help children develop healthy tastes for life with exciting meals and captivating food education.

At Nursery Kitchen, we prepare meals just like you do at home, only with tonnes of food safety procedures in place. Our freshly prepared meals are then delivered to nurseries chilled, ready to be cooked in the oven for children to enjoy. 

We only use the best and freshest ingredients in our meals, from high-welfare meat to MSC Certified fish. In fact, our ingredients are much fresher than you would find in a supermarket because we buy directly from farms, fields, and other high-quality food sources. 

Our nursery menus are created by specialist chefs and approved by expert nutritionists to ensure that our meals are varied, packed with flavour, and nutritionally balanced, while catering to different dietary requirements.

Connect with us for everything early years food!

Hear about our new meals and snacks that your child will enjoy at nursery, learn about the ingredients that will keep them healthy and feeling full, and see expert nutrition tips. We also throw in a little bit about what we’re up to and our mission to help make the world a better place for children, with a big sprinkling of kindness.

Not a Nursery Kitchen parent, yet?

Tell us about the nursery that your child is attending, and we’ll send them some information about becoming a Nursery Kitchen partner.