Make food your superpower with menus you can boast about

Our Nutritionist Approved Nursery Menu Accreditation will empower your setting to provide nutritionally balanced, varied menus that not only meet the nutritional needs of young children but go above and beyond the national recommended guidelines.

Magnificent benefits for your nursery

Proudly display our unique ‘Nutritionist Approved’ stamp on your menus, website, and communications, giving you a competitive edge over other nurseries.
Enhance your reputation and demonstrate your commitment to early years nutrition and the impact this can have on overall child health.
Provide reassurance to parents and carers that you provide food that goes above and beyond national recommended guidance for early years settings (Eat Better Start Better).
Supports the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and provides evidence for Ofsted with regards to healthy eating.

You'll also receive expert information about your achievement so you can rave about it with parents, boast about it on your website and social media, and make food and nutrition a unique selling point for your nursery!

Your nutrition expert

Our Menu Accreditation has been designed by expert Early Years Nutritionist, Catherine Lippe (RNutr), to recognise and reward settings that demonstrate a standard of excellence in nutrition for young children.

“We know that good nutrition in the early years can have a positive impact on how children grow, develop and learn both now and in the future and we want to do more to support early years settings in prioritising nutrition for the children in their care.”

Catherine 💚

Become a nutrition superhero!

Step 1

Contact us to sign-up for Nutritionist Approved Menu Accreditation.

Step 2

Download our mighty menu checklist which will guide you in selecting dishes and building your menu. Our team of experts will be on hand to support you and ensure that your menu meets Catherine’s robust, evidence-based criteria framework.

Step 3

Once you’re happy with your menu, our nutritionist will carry out an expert audit. If you’ve met the criteria, you’ll be awarded a Nutritionist Approved logo which you can proudly display on your menu.

Take your nursery to the next level

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to be a Nursery Kitchen partner to join the Nursery Menu Accreditation?

Yes, at the moment, our accreditation is only available to nursery partners who order food from us. Click here to enquire about becoming a partner.

Q: Do I have to order all my food (main meals, snacks and second courses) from Nursery Kitchen to be eligible for the Nursery Menu Accreditation?

No. We recognise that there might be some items you wish to buy elsewhere. Our criteria clearly outline what you should look out for if you are sourcing any of your own grocery items or meals. Providing you are compliant with all the criteria you will still be able to achieve our accreditation.

Q: What support will I receive to help me achieve the accreditation?

Our dedicated team of experts including our partnership specialist and early years nutritionist are on hand to guide you through your accreditation. Getting recognition for excellent menus shouldn’t be arduous so whether you have queries about; what counts as a protein food; how much is a portion of carbohydrate or how to cater for special dietary requirements, we will provide you with bespoke, hands-on support wherever it’s needed. You can drop us an email, pick up the phone or attend one of our online webinars to make sure you get all the support you need.

Q: What happens if I can’t meet all the necessary criteria?

Some of our criteria might feel challenging because we are striving for nutritional excellence which goes above and beyond the national recommended standards. Our partnership specialist and our early years nutritionist are here to support you through your accreditation and will offer bespoke advice to help you overcome any challenges and make suggestions to resolve these.

Q: How much does the accreditation cost?

We believe that every one of our partners should be recognised for achieving standards of excellence in food provision for young children and we don’t want cost to get in the way of that. That’s why we’ve made the accreditation free for all our nursery partners.