Nursery Kitchen launches a brand new role for nurseries

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Seymour House has officially unveiled its 11th site, and second in Colchester alongside a brand-new job developed by food supplier, Nursery Kitchen.

The new role is designed to educate the children about the importance of good nutrition.

This week, Chesterwell Nursery welcomes 70 new children to its modern, purpose-built premises – the largest in Seymour House’s portfolio to date. Among the 17 members of staff is the ‘Nursery Food Champion’, whose responsibility is to educate children about food, where ingredients come from, and the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for developing little minds and bodies.

Marnie Llewelyn, food consultant at Nursery Kitchen, said: “Our ‘Nursery Food Champion’ role has been specifically designed to work in harmony with our offering and mission at Nursery Kitchen. We don’t just want to provide healthy, delicious dishes – we want to encourage children eating them to develop a lifelong passion for food and adopt better nutritional choices later in life. The people serving our dishes in nurseries and engaging with the children are the ones who have the power to drive that inspiration.

“We’re so excited to welcome our first official ‘Nursery Food Champion’ into our programme through their appointment at Chesterwell Nursery. Their passion for quality, nourishing ingredients and good nutrition will no doubt catch on and be instrumental in influencing children’s love for good food.”

Seymour House has been providing nursery education to Essex and Greater London residents for more than 35 years. The £2.2m development took 13 months to complete in response to demand from local families. Fourteen staff members have transferred from other Seymour House locations, bringing 65 years of collective experience with them – with three brand new roles created.

Caroline Clark, operations manager at Seymour House, said: “Colchester has a burgeoning pipeline of housing development in progress, so the need for high-quality education is at an all-time high. Chesterwell Nursery sits within the recently developed Chesterwell Plaza, so accommodates an immediate demand for families living in the development alongside others in the wider area.

“This nursery is a critical site for the local community, and we’re delighted to have so many families signed up already. We cannot wait to welcome the children and their parents and grandparents to the Seymour House family.”

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