Prestigious London school appoints Nursery Kitchen as sole food supplier for new nursery

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Nursery Kitchen has been selected as dedicated food supplier at a new early years setting launched by London based independent school, Eaton Square.

The Nest, in Pimlico, forms part of Eaton Square’s continued expansion, welcoming children aged two to four years. Staff at The Nest will serve a varied menu of healthy, high-quality meals supplied by Nursery Kitchen, in line with Eaton Square’s mission to inspire nutritional education and enrich children’s lives through taste.

Jonny Player, Managing Director at Nursery Kitchen said: “We believe that food education and inspiring a love of nourishing food is essential to ensure well-rounded, healthy, and happy lives. Partnering with nurseries that share the same values and vision for the future is so important and allows us to make positive differences in children’s eating behaviours which are carried through to adulthood.

“Our whole team is delighted to be working with Eaton Square. In the same way we do, the school values the importance of introducing varied healthy diets at an early age. We’re excited to start this journey together.”

Nursery Kitchen will be serving up its new Teddy Bear's Picnic dish, featuring plant-based snacks from Gosh! as part of its diverse and nutritious menu selection for Eaton Square School. Eaton Square is the latest addition to Nursery Kitchen's more than 130 strong portfolio of nurseries.

Jonny added: “Nursery Kitchen prides itself on preparing food with the utmost care and attention. From our SALSA accredited kitchens to our rigorous food safety procedures, children’s welfare and protection is at the forefront of every action. Along with The Nest’s strong teacher presence during mealtimes, parents can be assured that their child’s first mealtime experience is as safe as can possibly be.”

The Nest is the newest launch by Eaton Square, with additional nursery classrooms based at Eccleston Square. The non-selective nursery schools aim to build a strong relationship with each child, providing them with a solid foundation to follow through to the Prep School, which starts at age four.

Head of Early Years, Isabel Mouzo said: “Our pupils take part in various activities throughout their day including swimming, French and ballet, so it’s important that they have healthy, good food to fuel them throughout the day. At The Nest, we make a real ‘moment’ of mealtimes. It’s more than just providing food for the children; it’s a sensory experience where they can learn through smell, touch, and taste, with the teacher’s there on hand for support and encouragement.

“As a group, we champion learning through play and activities, and Nursery Kitchen’s ethos of experimentation and flavour bursts really resonates with us. We’re excited to partner with Nursery Kitchen and work together to improve nutrition and food education in children.”

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