chicken and parsnip one pot recipe

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Indulge in the warming goodness of a chicken and parsnip one pot, brimming with the sweetness of parsnips and delightful bursts of petit pois peas! Infused with aromatic rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, parsley, and a hint of tangy lemon juice to boost the flavour.

What do we love about our chicken and parsnip one pot?

Our chicken and parsnip one pot recipe is a good source of protein from the chicken, low in saturated fat, and full of vegetables including parsnips and carrots!


- oil
- onion
- chicken mince
- carrots
- parsnips
- garlic cloves
- rosemary sprigs
- thyme sprigs
- bay leaf
- tomato paste
- passata
- water
- veg stock cube
- nutritional yeast
- petit pois peas
- fresh parsley
- lemon juice

Download the full chicken and parsnip one pot recipe, HERE.

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