loaded sweet potato wedges recipe

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Get excited for some comfort food with our brand new loaded sweet potato wedges. We have expertly roasted sweet potato wedges with a delightful fajita spice blend, then generously topped them with indulgent stewed black beans inspired by the flavours of Brazil.

What do we love about our loaded sweet potato wedges?

This plant-based dish combines foods from 3 of the main food groups; sweet potatoes from the carbohydrate food group, black beans from the protein and iron food group and sweetcorn and onions from the fruit/vegetable food group.


- veg oil
- red onion
- garlic
- smoked paprika
- ground cumin
- bay leaf
- ground coriander
- water
- mushroom stock cube
- black beans
- nutritional yeast
- lemon
- coriander
- sweetcorn

Download the full loaded sweet potato recipe, HERE.

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