pea and paneer curry recipe

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Gold Nourish Award

Our award winning pea and paneer curry is super, super tasty! It's perfect for vegetarians as it’s meat free but as it contains cheese, it’s not suitable for vegans or children with milk allergies. This is the first time that paneer has featured on our menu, and it really is a superb addition. It is very mild tasting and holds texture and flavour really well. Paneer is also high in protein and is classified as a ‘complete protein’, which means it holds all 9 essential amino acids. This dish is also packed with veg and lentils for vitamins and minerals.


- sunflower oil
- onion
- paneer
- garlic puree
- ginger puree
- mild madras curry powder
- garam masala
- tomato paste
- ground cumin
- chilli powder
- passata
- coconut milk
- water
- red lentils
- vegetable stock
- mixed peppers
- frozen peas
- spinach

Download the full pea and paneer recipe, HERE.

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