Wholesome taste adventures begin here

The early years are simply the best time to take children on taste adventures with healthy and diverse foods and flavours. That’s because this important developmental stage is the time when children shape their eating preferences, and crucially, their health in later life.

By offering children a wide variety of delicious nutritious foods, and helping them to understand where they come from, children will begin to learn healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Creating our tasty and exciting nursery menus

There’s a lot that goes into creating our nursery menus, and we add nutritional value at every step! From ensuring that our meals are well-balanced and meet the dietary needs of young children, to sourcing the best and freshest ingredients, and all the way to delivering meals that are consistently safe, tasty, and exciting. 

This is all made possible by our passionate Food Innovation Team, which is made up of development chefs, specialist nutritionists and our partner nurseries.

What you’ll find on our nursery menus…

• Beans and pulses to increase nutrients 
• Oily fish at least once a week 
• Meat free day once a week 
• Exciting plant-based dishes 
• Visible ingredients 
• Hidden nutrition
• 20 different vegetables
• 11 different fruits
• Cross section of protein sources
• Low salt
• Low sugar
• High welfare meat
• Free range eggs
• UK Red Tractor meat
• MSC approved fish

Discover our Nourish Award winning dishes…

The Nourish Awards are the UK’s leading health food awards, judged by an expert panel of nutritionists, health, and food industry experts.

Achievement Alert!

We’re the first and only early years food provider to achieve Sugarwise certification - and at platinum level no less!

Exploring food together at nursery

Children explore food with sight, touch, smell, and of course, taste. Using all these senses, it can take 15-20 exposures before a child accepts a new food. But as children are often influenced by their peers and especially by their care providers, nursery is a great place for taste adventures. To support nurseries with food education, we provide engaging resources and exciting cultural capital dishes to help children learn about world flavours and events. We also make sure that our meals are super tasty for young palates, with hidden nutrition and visible ingredients, sourced with kindness.