sweet potato shepherdless pie recipe

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Who is ready for a vegetarian spin on the classic shepherd pie? Just pair this with bread, unsalted butter and a side of green veggies to make it your new favourite meal!

What do we love about our sweet potato shepherdless pie?

This timeless dish is made with slightly crushed creamy sweet potato, nutritious lentils, and lots of veg that is infused with tasty herbs like rosemary. We've used lentils in this dish as they are high in protein and fibre - they also contain a healthy dose of iron, zinc and potassium.


- sweet potatoes
- onion
- mushrooms
- carrots
- nutritional yeast
- black pepper
- red pepper
- garlic cloves
- red lentils
- tomato paste
- rosemary
- oregano
- passata
- dried mushrooms
- chopped tomatoes
- water
- mushroom or veg stock
- marmite

Download the full sweet potato shepherdless pie, HERE.

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